Why I created MagLashBox

 Hello! My name is Amber Comer. I am a busy, active, single mom of 4 fun athletic kiddos! I love fitness, outdoors, healthy living, and trying new things! I also love simple, beautiful makeup and I believe lashes are the best way to give you a classy put-together look, even with no other makeup! 

 I had lash extensions for years and absolutely loved them! However, upon moving cross country, I no longer had the time or money to continue investing in them. In my quest for the perfect lash enhancement option I heard about magnetic lashes. They had just come out and I was fascinated by the concept so I started purchasing many different types and styles! To my disappoint none looked natural, went on easily, nor stayed in place. Because I also love healthy beauty products, I was determined to make them work for me! I started playing with all the pieces I had and making my own! After several attempts I created the MagLashBox technique! 

  I kept getting compliments as I would wear them and many of my friends asked me to make them sets! After the need to purchase in bulk became apparent I realized that I was not the only one who wanted beautiful, fast, perfect and natural looking, chemical free, affordable, do it yourself lash extensions so thus, MagLashBox was born!