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The BEST option for beautiful lashes all of the time! MagLashBox lashes are chemical free, fast, and best of all - reusable!

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How to Apply! (1 min tutorial)

Rewear 30+ Times!

Apply faster than mascara! Remove in seconds! No more scrubbing, spider lashes, raccoon eyes, or chemicals! Have perfect lashes every day!

So much better than glue!

These are amazing!!! It took me a couple tries to get them on correctly but it is easy now. I am in love with these and saying bye-bye to the glue and mess of other lashes!!! I love them so much I’m now a subscriber!

Mrs. S

Love these Glam Lashes!

These are BEAUTIFUL! I bought the glam and put them on both eyes the first try 👏🏼 They’ve stayed put all day and I’m not worried about them slipping at all. They came wrapped up so pretty, definitely recommend!

Brittany C.

The best lashes I have found. I am allergic to adhesive but was looking for fake lashes. All I could find in styles I liked were glue on ones until I found these! Super fast and easy to put on. These are the only fake lashes I use now. I was worried that the magnets would be noticeable but they are not. They stay on better than glue on ones because you won’t have the issue of the corners coming off and flapping in the wind. I love mine so much!

Kaelee Smith

Why choose MagLashBox?

MagLashBox Lashes are high quality and the best choice for magnetic eyelashes! Our unique 4 piece design was created by a busy, active mom with time, ease, health, affordability, and final look in mind! Fast, removable, and re-wearable extensions!

Fancy MagLashBox

The difference great lashes can make is huge! Try our Fancy MagLashBox for a more natural fringe with a slight cat eye flare on the outer corner to open up your beautiful eyes!

Check it out!

How to Remove in 10 seconds!

How to Separate Lashes Safely!

New users! Everything you need to know! Please watch before using your MagLashBox!