How to Appy Magnetic Lashes

 Applying your MagLashBox Lashes may take a couple of tries to make look fabulous, but with a little practice they will be quick and easy! Watch our tutorials on Instagram or Facebook to help you discover the easiest way to apply!  


~Hold the full lash piece on top of your natural lash as close to the lash line as possible! 

~Start with the center bottom piece to hold the top lash in the desired place! 

~ Hold the small bottom lash pieces at the tip so the magnet does not clip to the tweezers.

~ If there is a gap after application, simply remove that section of lashes, push top lash closer to lash line, and reclip bottom lash! 



Slide Lash magnets apart by using 2 fingers to gently hold top and bottom lash together, slide the bottom piece out and away from (in a horizontal motion) other lash piece. Keep magnets parallel at all times and the mags will not tear off lash. They will easily disconnect and should never pull your natural lashes during removal or bend the lash band! If you feel your real lashes being pulled, repeat the slide motion until one piece comes completely away from other. 

Do NOT pull Lashes apart at an angle! MagLashBox Lashes are beautifully delicate so they look natural and completely safe on your natural lashes, and therefore must be handled with care to ensure magnets stay on the lash. If you SLIDE the magnets apart every time they will not come off the false Lash. Please watch the “SLIDE” highlights on our Instagram page or the “How to Seperate” videos on our homepages or YouTube to see how to separate lashes easily and safely to ensure your MagLashBox Lashes have a long-wearable life! 

If a magnet comes off during the application please reach out to us directly at or a DM through social media for a complementary replacement piece.