Kitten MagLashBox

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The smallest, and most natural looking style of MagLashBox available featuring a cute mini Cat Eye flare on the outer corner! These are a shorter and more casual fringed version of the Glam Lashes. Also, slightly more narrow than the Everyday Lashes make these perfect for smaller eyes or just a more comfortable fit! Ideal and safe for even the youngest Lash Lovers! 

MagLashBox Lashes are high quality and the best choice for magnetic eyelashes! Our unique 4 piece design was created by a busy, active mom with time, ease, health, affordability, and final look in mind! Fast, removable, and re-wearable extensions!

With the help of our video tutorials (please watch before attempting to apply: Pinterest, IGTV, IG Reels, YouTube), you will become a pro at applying your lashes in less time than it takes to apply mascara, with NONE of the chemicals! They sit right up against your lash line for the most natural look possible. Wear them during almost any activity with no more worries of chemicals, clumping or running mascara.  

The small magnets are very gentle on your natural lashes and will not damage or pull them. 

Remove by carefully sliding magnets apart while keeping them parallel to each other. Takes only seconds! PLEASE watch tutorials to learn an easy technique and to avoid damage to your MagLashBox lashes.

Store in your beautiful and sleek magnetic compact, great for on the go! Every pair comes with high quality rose gold magnetic tweezers to help make application a breeze! 

Wear again and again!  About 30-40 times with gentle care!

Our Lashes are handmade so please allow up to 5 business days for processing, but we generally get them shipped within 1-2 days! Shipped by USPS priority!   

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